Top Five Tech Executives


The technology sector is enjoying the fruits of a golden age.  Innovation has spurred rapid growth spanning across multiple industries and consumer consumption.  In the interest of spurring further growth across the technology sector, the following executives have outperformed their peers.

The executives on this list have been rated against their peers using our proprietary algorithms that include: stock performance, product development, balance sheet performance, supply chain management, and growth performance and potential.

  • 5- Tim Cook- CEO of Apple (AAPL):  Tim Cook is one of the best supply chain managers in the industry.  If he were still COO of Apple, as he was five years ago, he may have been higher on our list.  Tim Cook has done an admirable job as CEO of Apple following in the shadow of one of the greatest innovators and salesman of our generation in Steve Jobs.  His ability as a master of supply chain management has offset the poor growth potential we see for Apple going forward.
  • 4- Jonathan Ive- Senior Vice President of Apple (AAPL): If Apple has any high growth potential left, it is thanks to this man.  Jonathan Ive is the legacy left behind by Steve Jobs, as they spent countless hours together in the Apple think tank developing the products insides and sleek exteriors.  While his effects on the balance sheet and overall stock performance are taken into account as an industry average (0), his impact on supply chain management, growth performance and potential, as well as product development propel him far higher than his CEO Tim Cook.  The numerical gap created by our models between fifth and fourth on our list is quite great.
  • 3- Sheryl Sandberg- COO of Facebook (FB): You could make the argument that Sheryl Sandberg should be rated second our list.  When our models are taken into account, she is a mere fraction of a point behind second place on our list.  Her ability to reign in and manage CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a feet in and of itself.  When her impact on all of the factors we used to make these calculations is taken into account, only her innovation score of .4 (still substantially above industry average) is causing her to hold the third spot.
  • 2- Larry Page- CEO of Google (GOOG): Larry Page is not only the second best CEO in the technology sector, but the second best CEO of any publicly traded company listed on the S&P 500.  His innovation score of .8, growth potential of .7, and stock performance of .7 all rate as second best on the street.  The growth performance of Google under Larry Page’s leadership tops all of Wall Street with a .9, which is the highest rating we have ever given a company or executive.  Google has far surpassed Apple, and will be competing with our top executive’s company for many years to come.
  • 1- Mark Zuckerberg- CEO of Facebook (FB): Mark Zuckerberg is number one on our list.  The growth potential rating of .9, stock performance of .75, balance sheet performance of .7, and innovation score of .85 all list as the top figures in our algorithms.  While he has been on a spending spree as of late (acquiring What’sApp and Oculus for a total of $21 billion in the past six weeks), he has a team around him headed by Sheryl Sandberg that will stop him if needed.  His innovation score is unheard of.  It will be quite interesting to see what the competition between Facebook and Google will bring to the world and consumers in the terms of technology over the next decade.  It will be a knockdown, drag out fight.  Who will be left standing is yet to be seen.  The gap between Zuckerberg and Page on an overall basis is quite small (less than .25 overall), which lends us to believe that Facebook may have the advantage going forward.  That could change drastically with just a slight misstep by either company over the coming months and years.

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