“Every investor should have access to a trading algorithm that provides the same insight hedge funds have working for them.”

-Paul Sigrist (Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 1UpWallStreet.com

1UpWallStreet.com is a devout believer in investor rights.  As such, we have formed an Investor Advocacy group.  This group will push for the rights of all investors, no matter the size of their portfolios.  We will make a push on the Federal level using our considerable resources to install a “Fairness in Investing” throughout Wall Street.  We, and our advocates, believe that all investors should have access to the same expertise and tools that Wall Street firms enjoy.  Become an Investor Advocate today.  It’s free for individual investors to become an Investor Advocate!

In keeping with our mantra and belief in “Fairness in Investing: 1UpWallStreet.com uses the same algorithm that our Managing Partner used during his decade in the private money management business.  We believe in equaling the playing field between the everyday investor and the institutional investor.  To achieve that singular focus, 1UpWallStreet.com is making our proprietary algorithm, proven to outperform the market over the past decade, available to the masses.

Our proprietary algorithm introduces the impact of innovation and growth on the equilibrium price of a stock on a forward-looking 52-week basis.  This algorithm, which we refer to as the GSDM algo, is what we use in identifying individual opportunities that arise in the markets. The GSDM algo is the key tool used in providing our members outsized returns in the markets.  As more and more companies and organizations become Investor Advocates, we will make the algorithm available at a lower and lower cost.  Our ultimate goal is to make this algorithm available to all investors free of charge.